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Advocating For Victims Of Dog Bites

Whenever you are out for a walk or enjoying the company of friends who own pets, you expect people in Flemington, New Jersey, to be responsible for their animals. Getting bitten by a dog, regardless of whether or not you know the owner, is a violent and traumatic experience.

Animal attacks often inflict much more harm than minor scrapes and scratches. In many cases, a dog bite can leave you with serious injuries, including tissue and organ damage, scarring, disfiguration, muscle damage and even broken bones. Additionally, you are left to foot the bill for medical treatment while dealing with lasting emotional scars.

At Lanza & Lanza, we know you are scared and unsure of how to face the future. Our committed attorneys are by your side and ready to help.

Do Not Settle Your Dog Bite Claim Before Talking To An Attorney

We understand that you are worried about how much your case is going to cost, especially when the insurance company keeps calling you to offer a settlement. Unfortunately, insurers almost always care more about protecting their bottom line than giving you fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Our personal injury attorneys do not stand for this.

We have extensive experience with premises liability claims. We know how to assess the value of a claim, and we know how to assess an insurance settlement. Our job is to protect you, when you need it most.

We evaluate the full scope of your case and pursue the maximum possible outcome for:

  • Medical treatment
  • Lost income
  • Limited earning potential
  • Property damage

This includes immediate costs as well as future ones.

Making Sense Of Your Case Together

The best way to find out if you have a case and determine the next steps is to arrange an initial consultation with a lawyer at our firm. There, we take the time to listen to your needs and goals before offering a candid opinion. Reach us by phone at 908-905-0183, or get in touch with us online.