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When An Estate Administration Is Contested

Whether you are an administrator whose actions are being challenged or are a beneficiary who believes that an estate is being improperly administered, your choice of attorney will make a difference in the outcome of your case. Those who work with the experienced estate litigation attorneys at Lanza & Lanza know that their case is in a strong position for success and that they will always have direct access to the lawyer representing them.

We have reached many successful outcomes in a variety of contested administration cases, including those that involve allegations of:

  • Misuse of estate assets
  • Improper distribution of assets
  • Fraud
  • Misinterpretation or misapplication of the terms of the will
  • Failure to provide information to beneficiaries as required by New Jersey law

In these and all other types of contested estate administration situations, our attorneys have the experience, innovative litigation strategies and proven results necessary to serve executors, administrators, trustees and beneficiaries who want to file a claim or need to defend against legal action.

Our team of Flemington-area contested estate administration attorneys serves as local counsel for out-of-state clients who find themselves involved in an estate dispute. Whether your loved one’s estate is subject to New Jersey law because he or she passed away in the state or he or she owned New Jersey property that is subject to an ancillary property distribution process, we can handle all aspects of the matter so that you can remain at home during the proceedings.

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