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Are You Embroiled In An Inheritance Dispute?

Any disputes that involve inheritance can be extremely difficult to resolve for one simple reason: The person who left the inheritance is no longer around to answer questions about his or her intent and clarify any issues that arise regarding property distribution. These disputes are further complicated by the fact that they occur during one of the most emotionally charged times in life, and that addressing these disputes involves an exceptionally complicated and time-consuming process. Due to the complexity of these matters, it is vital to turn to an experienced estate litigation attorney as soon as it becomes apparent that the inheritance left by your loved one is subject to dispute.

Experienced Attorneys With A History Of Success In Inheritance Cases

At Lanza & Lanza, our team of insightful estate litigation attorneys has the experience, legal knowledge and proven strategies necessary to resolve inheritance dispute issues as efficiently as possible. We strive to minimize the financial impact that any controversy or dispute has on an estate, so that the hard-earned assets your loved one left behind are not entirely consumed by conflict.

We have the resources to represent beneficiaries or administrators in any type of inheritance dispute, and are especially adept at resolving situations involving:

  • Will contests, including questions as to the validity or contents of the will
  • Beneficiary disputes, such as fighting among siblings regarding the terms of asset distribution
  • Conflicting theories of how an ambiguous term of the will should be interpreted
  • Improper actions by the administrator

In these and other types of conflicts, our team of Flemington, New Jersey-based inheritance dispute lawyers serves the needs of local clients and out-of-state clients in disputes of traditional estate matters as well as ancillary property distribution proceedings.

Contact Our Inheritance Litigation Attorneys

Arrange a consultation with our seasoned inheritance dispute resolution attorneys by calling 908-905-0183 or contacting us online. Our comprehensive services cover all forms of estate-related disputes, as well as planning and administration services designed to prevent these problems before they arise.