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Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable After Accidents

Drunk drivers injure and kill far too many innocent people each year. If your life has been impacted in any way by a drunk driver, turn to the law offices of Lanza & Lanza. As skilled personal injury attorneys, we protect the rights of people who have been injured in drunk driving accidents as well as people whose family members have died in drunk driving accidents.

Accommodating Your Needs, Contact Lanza & Lanza

Our Flemington lawyers handle auto accident claims that arise from people driving under the influence (DUI). When a DUI accident occurs, our attorneys can determine if an individual or a business could be responsible for serving alcohol to someone who was noticeably intoxicated. Under dram shop laws, if a person or business sold alcohol to someone who was noticeably drunk, that person or business could be held liable for the accident and injuries.

If you or a loved one was injured by a drunk driver, we can help you with various elements of the injury claim. As personal injury attorneys, we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the medical care you need and the financial compensation you deserve. As dram shop liability attorneys, we can also determine if a person or business is responsible for over-serving alcohol to the driver.

We understand that in the aftermath of a serious injury, including a brain or spinal cord injury, you have many questions and concerns. We strive to answer your questions in an efficient manner and help you understand the process of your injury claim. We consistently seek fair compensation on behalf of our injured clients.

If someone you care about was injured by a drunk driver, our firm understands the emotions you are experiencing. Let us handle the legal component of the wrongful death while you focus on moving through the grieving process.

Contact Our Dram Shop Liability Lawyers

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from drunk driving accidents. We understand the challenges you face and the options you have available. From our offices in Flemington, we represent clients across New Jersey. Call 908-905-0183 or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation.