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Beneficiaries Have Rights

Those who are named as beneficiaries of an estate or trust in New Jersey need to know one important thing: The law protects your right to obtain information from the estate administrator/executor, to report any alleged misdeeds of these individuals, and to receive your share of assets in a timely manner.

When the administrator or trustee fails to meet his or her duties, such as by withholding information or assets, you assert your rights in court. Due to this being a complex area of law, it is vital to obtain experienced counsel to help you understand your position and build a powerful claim on your behalf.

A Premier Beneficiary Rights Firm

Lanza & Lanza is a highly regarded law firm that serves those who need a strong advocate to help them stand up against improper estate administration. Our thorough investigations and time-tested legal strategies have allowed us to help many clients in situations where the improper — or even illegal — actions of administrators and trustees deprived them of the information, accounting and assets they were owed.

When you retain our firm, you receive direct attention and customized legal solutions from our accomplished beneficiary rights attorneys. We take the time to answer all your questions, including commonly asked questions such as:

  • What are my options when a trustee or administrator fails to distribute assets?
  • Can I obtain detailed records of how a trust or estate is being administered?
  • I have suspicions about how the administrator or trustee is spending money — what can I do?
  • I think the trustee or administrator stole assets he or she was supposed to distribute; how can I hold him or her accountable?

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