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Zoning may limit the prospective uses of a parcel of land

Any New Jersey resident who has attempted to find a place to build their dream home has undoubtedly encountered restrictions on what types of structures that they can build on certain parcels of land. This is because communities throughout the state have enacted zoning regulations that dictate where certain homes, businesses and other entities may be built and operated. Zoning attempts to keep similar structures together but can impose frustrating limitations on individuals who want to explore other uses for their properties.

New Jersey pedestrian accident leaves baby, 3 others injured

The youngest among us are the most innocent and fragile members of society. It pains us all when one of them is injured, and causes almost unimaginable distress for the little one’s family.

It is against that backdrop that we share the story of four people injured in a car crash about an hour north of Flemington. Law enforcement officials said four pedestrians on a sidewalk were struck by a vehicle that jumped a curb after a collision with another vehicle. A one-year-old baby boy and a 5-year-old were hit and then hospitalized with serious injuries.

The right actions after an accident can improve the outcome

As if the natural consequences of a motor vehicle accident are not enough, you have the added burden of knowing that everything you do and say can influence what happens afterward. You may be unsure of how the accident will affect the next few weeks or even the rest of your life.

Do you have a serious or catastrophic injury? Will you have to fight for insurance coverage? Is there a chance you will decide to pursue a personal injury claim? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you would benefit from knowing the best way to respond after an accident.

Are you presenting signs of a drug addiction?

You may feel like your life has started spiraling out of control, and you do not know where to turn for help. What started out as using opioids as a pain reliever or simply trying a substance "just once" has taken over your life. You may not even fully recognize how serious your problem is.

Unfortunately, you may have become addicted to an illegal substance, and now you face a number of issues that could greatly impact your life. From trying to find your next fix to damaging relationships to facing legal issues, your life may be heading down a difficult road, and you may not know how to turn back.

About using trusts

There are many different types of trusts New Jersey residents can use to protect their financial legacy and limit how much their estate may be taxed. However, it is important that in addition to choosing the right type of trust, they also designate the right person to administer the trusts.

Trusts can be used as safeguards against taxes so that one's heirs are not overly burdened with tax issues when they receive their inheritances. A trust can be used to hold tax-friendly financial assets for many years, including IRAs, life insurance policies and annuities, allowing those assets to grow while taxes are deferred or without being taxed at all. The exact type of tax treatment these assets receive will depend on the type of asset. For example, the distributions from Roth IRAs are tax-free for both the owner and the beneficiary.

The duties of a will executor

People in New Jersey who have been appointed executor of a will or who have been asked by a loved one to act as executor might wonder what responsibilities are involved. An executor's job involves locating assets, paying bills and distributing assets to beneficiaries based on a person's will.

Although executors can be paid for their services, those who are close family members, such as a spouse, a child or a parent, usually do not request compensation. However, the executor may use money from the estate for paying creditors and expenses such as the upkeep of a home. The executor might also need to pay taxes on the estate and make court appearances dealing with the estate. If the executor is paid as well, a probate court will decide on the amount based on state law and the complexity of the role.

The implications of anger

It can all happen in what seems a few seconds. A disagreement turns into an altercation, and you strike someone. Or, you didn't plan on yelling at the other person, but the situation escalated out of control.

If you feel that managing your anger is a challenge for you, here are some tips to calm down and take on a healthier perspective.

Simple or aggravated? The charge depends on the bodily damage

Assault occurs when a person either injures or attempts to cause injury to another person. New Jersey categorizes assault into two charges, simple or aggravated. Factors differentiating between the two charges include the seriousness of the bodily damage to the victim and whether or not a weapon was used.

Creating the right estate plan

People in New Jersey should create an estate planning checklist to ensure that they have everything they need in their estate plan. While estate planning provides individuals the opportunity to get ready for the unavoidable, it also allows them to dictate what should happen to their financial assets after they die. If their estate plan is not structured as it should be, surviving loved ones may encounter difficulties with the estate.

A will is an important component of an estate plan. Individuals are able to designate certain persons or organizations to receive their assets. Executors, or someone who will have the legal responsibility for handling the taxes and debts for the estate and the distribution of assets, should also be designated. However, the will is far from the only document needed for an estate plan.

Distracted driving remains top concern on the road

You probably don't have to think hard to remember the last time you saw someone using their cellphone while driving. More specifically, you might remember how it affected their driving ability. Maybe they were driving slowly, stopped just short or drifted closely to the center line.

All too frequently, these actions lead to an accident that can result in a serious injury to you and your passengers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving resulted in nearly 400,000 injuries and 3,500 deaths in 2015. To get a better understanding of why this is such a concern, let's look at New Jersey's distracted driving laws and the rights of drivers who are victims of crashes.

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