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Hesitation in estate planning can lead to problems down the road

It's not easy to have conversations with family members about the future. You may be hesitant because you do not want to think about what could happen in the future or you don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Perhaps you assume that your loved ones know what you would want, and estate planning is really unnecessary. In reality, it's important to have these conversations sooner than later. 

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning. Every person's goals for his or her property will be different, and your reasons for your medical decisions are deeply personal. This is why it can be better for the whole family when you discuss your plans with your loved ones as well as discuss their own hopes and objectives for the future. Open communication can make things easier for everyone.

Number of injuries due to electric scooters spiking

According to a recent report, the number of people injured using electric scooters has skyrocketed. Many New Jersey residents have probably seen individuals using these devices as a convenient way to commute in congested areas. Their popularity seems to have endured, despite safety concerns.

This report stated that the number of injuries caused by electric scooters in 2018 increased by more than three times the number reported in 2014, with the number exceeding 39,000 in 2018. The number of injuries nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017.

Truck accident victims can often pursue vicarious liability claim

In the blink of an eye, a semi-truck driver can cause a catastrophic accident that leaves victims with serious injuries. All too often these injuries are disabling, sometimes even leaving a victim paralyzed. These individuals, in addition to those who are fortunate to survive a truck accident with less serious injuries, can face extensive damages. Medical expenses and lost wages can threaten a victim's financial stability, and the physical and emotional pain and suffering can be overwhelming. Taken together, these damages can leave victims feeling stressed out and fearful of their future.

By pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, individuals harmed by a negligent trucker may be able to recover compensation for their damages. However, given that the losses associated with these types of accidents are often quite extensive, many truckers are unable to satisfy judgments against them. Therefore, truck accident victims who are able to impose liability and prove the amount of damages incurred may still struggle to recover the compensation to which they are entitled.

The elements of a wrongful death claim

A wrongful death occurs when someone dies due to the negligence, recklessness or intentional conduct of another person. Car accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability and other personal injury claims may all form the bases of wrongful death actions in New Jersey. Wrongful death claims must be filed within certain time constraints and must meet certain pleading elements in order to be valid. This post will discuss some of what is required to pursue a wrongful death action in the state, but this post is not legal advice.

Consider estate planning a goal in 2020

As the year comes to a close, you may be thinking of the many goals you want to achieve in the coming year. Making New Year's resolutions is a common practice, but it is also common for individuals to make a few attempts at keeping those resolutions only to let them fall to the wayside just a few weeks (or even a few days) into the new year.

For you, a goal may be to finally create an estate plan. If so, you certainly do not want to put off the task for too long. You could end up telling yourself all year that you will get to it only to make the same resolution for estate planning at the end of next year.

What makes a threat of violence an assault?

When a New Jersey child gets mad at their sibling, they may shout "I'm going to kill you!" at each other. Only in the rare and very serious case may a child actually mean what they have said; despite its serious connotation, this phrase is often employed by individuals when they are stressed or irritated with other people. In fact, adults also say many things that may be perceived as threats of violence or aggression when in fact they are just common phrases and sayings used in difficult or unpleasant contexts.

An assault may fall into the gray area surrounding colloquial phrases involving stated aggression or violence. While an assault does not have to involve physical contact between individuals, it does involve a threat made by one person that causes the other to fear for their safety. The threat must be made by someone who wishes to cause fear or apprehension in the other, and the threat must actually cause that fear and apprehension in the victim in order for an assault to happen.

Zoning and its impact on land use in New Jersey

Readers of this New Jersey legal blog may have noticed that like properties are often situated near each other. For example, single family homes may all be grouped together in neighborhoods, while factories and manufacturing facilities may all be located on the outskirts of communities. Businesses, restaurants, and centers of commerce may all be located in central locations that are accessible by individuals from different parts of town.

The situation of like properties near each other is not an accident. City planning and zoning determine where certain residences and businesses can be located. In particular, zoning concerns the acceptable use of a property based on what its governing municipality has decided it can be used for.

A trust may be an estate planning tool that is right for you

As you work to get your final affairs in order with your estate plan, you may have found yourself struggling to decide which planning options are right for you. This difficulty is understandable because there are so many useful estate planning tools that can suit a variety of scenarios. As a result, you may want to look into particular tools more carefully to determine what may work best for you.

Specifically, you may have an interest in creating a trust. You may have gone back and forth about whether you could use such a tool, but really, trusts come in various types and can have uses for almost anyone.

Do your part to stay safe on your holiday travels

Traveling for the holidays may be an activity that you have become accustomed to over the years. Maybe your travels started when you were away at college and came home for the break, or maybe you started traveling back home after moving away for work. You may even travel to multiple locations on the same day to see both your family and your spouse's family. Whatever the reason, you plan to be on the road this holiday season.

Unfortunately, many other people also have the same plans, which means that the roadways will be jam-packed with travelers trying to get to their intended destinations. This time of year is no stranger to serious and even fatal car accidents, so it is wise to do your best to remain safe.

What effects does alcohol have on the body of a driver?

Throughout the nation drivers are educated on the dangers of drinking before they get behind the wheels of their cars. In New Jersey and jurisdictions throughout the nation, drivers can be arrested if they are found to have alcohol in their systems while operating motor vehicles. Drinking and driving is a common cause of vehicle accidents and annually many Americans lose their lives in crashes with drunk drivers.

When a person drinks alcohol, practically every system of their body is affected. Their body temperature may rise and they may experience a more relaxed mood. They may begin to experience changes in how the perceive and judge their surroundings, and they may begin to exaggerate their movement or lose control of how they move their bodies.

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