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Comprehensive Estate Law Services

Whether you are planning for retirement, creating a contingency plan so your children are provided for if something happens to you, administering the estate of a loved one, challenging the contents of a will or fighting the mismanagement of a trust or estate, choosing the right attorney can make all the difference.

At the law offices of Lanza & Lanza in Flemington, we draw on more than 40 years of legal experience to build effective estate plans, to carefully guide people through probate, and to serve as powerful litigators in estate and trust disputes. We use proven legal strategies to provide adept representation and efficient solutions in any estate law matter.

Planning Your Estate

The estate plans we create are as diverse as the individuals and families we serve. From high net worth individuals with extensive asset portfolios to hardworking people who put the majority of their assets into paying off their homes, our Flemington estate planning lawyers ensure that everyone receives exactly the type of estate plan he or she needs.

Our thoughtfully constructed estate plans can be viewed as an investment in the future of your loved ones. By utilizing our services, rather than just filling out a boilerplate form, you protect your loved ones from the massive tax liability, emotional turmoil and damaged family relations that often befall those without a comprehensive estate plan in place.

Administering An Estate

In addition to creating estate plans, we also provide assistance with the estate administration process. Whether you require help administering the terms of wills or trusts, or must administer an estate entirely through probate, we can use our experience and in-depth understanding of estate law to guide you through the process.

Estate, Trust And Probate Litigation

Our litigation practice provides administrators and beneficiaries with the knowledgeable representation they need to resolve complicated estate, trust and probate disputes. From will contests to disputes over breach of fiduciary duty, we can help you pursue an outcome that truly meets your family’s needs or is aligned with the deceased’s final wishes.

Services For Out-Of-State Clients

In addition to our services for local clients, we offer representation for those located out of state who have estate-related needs in New Jersey. We work with family members who require assistance with the administration process when a loved one dies in New Jersey, or when the loved one owned property in the state that now must pass through an ancillary estate proceeding. Our estate litigation team routinely represents beneficiaries in other states who need to challenge the actions of executors who are allegedly mishandling the administration of New Jersey estates.

Need Help With An Estate Law Issue?

Regardless of the estate issue you face, you can count on us to provide the caring, personalized and results-oriented representation you need. Whether you are building a legacy or protecting one, we can help. Call 908-905-0183, or contact us online today to learn more.