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Aggressive Defense For Arson Charges

Getting charged with arson in Flemington, New Jersey, is a life-altering prospect. Not only do you face the possibility of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, but also up to 20 years or more in prison. Additionally, the charges can remain on your record and affect your future well after your case ends. If convicted, you may have a hard time getting a job, going to college and maintaining good credit.

Our dedicated defense lawyers at Lanza & Lanza are there to help. We leverage decades of trial experience to uphold your rights and take on difficult talks with prosecutors.

Unbiased And Pursuing Results

No matter what type of criminal allegations you face, our attorneys remain impartial and help you prepare for your trial or settlement negotiations. We are able to assist whether you are charged with:

  • First-degree arson: Targeting a church or place of worship or paying or accepting compensation for starting a fire
  • Second-degree arson: Aggravated arson, starting a forest fire or starting a fire with the understanding it will put someone else at risk of injury or death
  • Third-degree arson: Recklessly, but not intentionally, putting someone else’s life or safety at risk by starting a structure fire
  • Fourth-degree arson: Failing to honor your official duty to prevent, report or put out a fire that endangers a person’s life or property

This includes cases involving concomitant insurance fraud. No matter what your scenario entails, we are there to keep you calm and focused on obtaining the best possible outcome.

Moving Forward Confidently

Regardless of the scale or intricacy of your legal concerns, we invite you to schedule a preliminary consultation at our firm. Get in touch with us using our online form or by calling 908-905-0183.