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Broken Bones Can Be Life-Changing Injuries

No broken or fractured bone case is exactly the same. You need a lawyer who knows how to examine the nuances of your case and personalize a legal strategy to your specific needs. Some breaks can cause long-lasting or permanent disability. Surgery might be required to reset the bones. Proper healing and care is essential to recovery, and you shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake.

If the negligence of another individual or party is to blame for your injury, you can seek financial compensation to help with your medical costs, recovery and other impacts on your life. Broken bones often impede a person’s ability to execute essential job functions, and they can cause problems in his or her everyday life. Serious injuries affect families almost as much as they do the injured individual.

We Work For You, And Your Needs Are The Priority

At Lanza & Lanza, we always make serving your needs our main priority. Our Flemington broken bone injury lawyers don’t get paid until you get paid; if we don’t obtain a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf, we don’t receive attorney fees at all. We are motivated to offer you the best possible legal services and to aggressively pursue your maximum financial recovery. Your insurance provider, doctors and other hospital staff cannot say the same thing. They will try to limit their costs and may not work for you until they get paid.

Your recovery is based on your past, present and future needs that relate to your injury. If you have lost wages, we will calculate past, present and future losses toward your recovery. If you have missed a lucrative business opportunity because of your injury, we may be able to recover some of the potential losses.

Experienced, Certified Legal Professionals

Our law firm is a team of experienced and dedicated attorneys. Attorney partner John R. Lanza leads our personal injury practice. With more than 30 years of experience, he is a certified civil trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey (since 1990) and the National Board of Trial Advocacy (since 1998). His success and reputation in New Jersey is renowned. With compassionate service, our legal team carefully investigates your case and collaborates with expert witnesses from a variety of fields to build the most comprehensive case possible on your behalf.

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