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An Assault Conviction Could Change Your Life

Whether it was the result of a domestic dispute or you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when a fight broke out, being charged with assault and battery in New Jersey is serious. A conviction means you will have a violent crime on your record for the rest of your life. Even a misdemeanor lesser degree of assault is enough to cause you to lose job opportunities.

If you are facing assault and/or battery charges in New Jersey, turn to the criminal defense attorneys of Lanza & Lanza. We have a strong record of helping people protect their rights, their records and their freedom when facing charges for violent offenses. Our reputation for integrity and hard work among assistant prosecutors and judges often makes the most important difference.

Whether Domestic Assault Or Aggravated Assault, We Will Do Everything We Can

Attorney John E. Lanza is a prosecuting attorney for several municipalities. Under his direction, we know the procedures to move your case through the criminal justice system efficiently. We understand the strategies prosecutors use when seeking a conviction, and we know what they are looking for when they are willing to strike an agreement to dismiss or reduce charges.

But first and foremost, we will investigate your case thoroughly and fight aggressively to avoid charges and a conviction. Call us as soon as you know you are under investigation for an assault or battery charge. We will start to work immediately to protect your rights and your future.

Call Or Contact Us Anytime Of The Day Or Night

Wherever you were charged in New Jersey, we can help. Our offices are located in Flemington, and we will travel to your county to represent you. Call our number at 908-905-0183 or send a message by email to arrange a meeting with one of our lawyers right away.