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Contesting Wills And Defending Administrators

Following the loss of a loved one, perhaps the most shocking discovery that you can make is finding the contents of the loved one’s will changed unexpectedly. This can be especially jarring if the will was recently modified, if the terms of the will suddenly favor one person to the exclusion of everyone else or if the will is vastly different from previous versions.

At Lanza & Lanza, our Flemington-area estate dispute attorneys provide clients throughout New Jersey with the compassionate counseling and assertive advocacy that they need when they find a will has been changed under suspicious circumstances. We challenge wills that beneficiaries believe have been improperly modified or do not accurately depict the true wishes of their loved ones, as well as defend estate administrators in actions related to will contests and other estate administration disputes.

Reasons For Will Contests

To successfully contest a will, it is often necessary to prove that the will was affected by:

  • Lack of capacity to form a valid will
  • Duress, coercion or threats
  • Fraudulent conduct or representations
  • Undue influence
  • Abuse of confidential, professional relationships

If the will was subject to these or other improper influences, then it may be declared void or restructured. Since there is so much at stake in these matters, the process of collecting evidence and advocating in support of a will contest or defense of an administrator should only be handled by attorneys, such as those at Lanza & Lanza, who have successfully handled many of these matters.

Contesting A Will? Contact Our Probate Attorneys.

If you have concerns about a loved one’s will or are administering an estate where the will is being challenged, contact Lanza & Lanza as soon as possible. Our estate litigation lawyers will assess the situation, provide insightful advice and direction, and help you understand all of the options available to you. Call 908-905-0183 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.