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Understanding the problem of aggressive driving

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A driver’s primary responsibility when operating a vehicle is driving as safely as possible and adhering to the rules of the road. Unfortunately, some drivers put their own objectives above the needs of others, and this often takes place in the form of aggressive driving. This type of behavior is inexcusable and needlessly dangerous, and all types of aggressive driving can significantly increase the chance of an accident. 

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, aggressive driving includes different types of traffic offenses that needlessly endanger others on the road and their personal property. When engaging in aggressive driving, an individual is ignoring the safety and well-being of others due to a moment of frustration, running late or other reason. If you are the victim of a car accident, it is possible that the event that caused you harm is the result of aggressive driving. 

Recognizing aggressive driving on the road 

It may be helpful to learn about the specific signs that may indicate aggressive driving. When you are able to recognize this type of behavior, you may be in a better position to drive defensively, possibly avoiding a collision. This type of driving can include a range of specific behaviors that you may notice while you are on the road. Some of the most common types of aggressive driving include: 

  • Speeding 
  • Swerving in and out of traffic 
  • Following other vehicles too closely 
  • Running through red lights or stop signs 
  • Cutting other drivers off in traffic 
  • Tailgating 
  • Ignoring the right-of-way 
  • Passing on the right 

In many cases, the intent of aggressive driving is to intimidate others on the road. Honking the horn, flashing lights, making rude gestures and other actions are also aggressive driving. These behaviors are often rooted in being in a hurry or other personal issues, but unfortunately, it is often innocent drivers and passengers who pay the price. 

Your rights as a victim 

Victims of aggressive driving do not have to remain silent. If you suspect that the aggressive or reckless decisions of another person caused you harm, it is in your interests to take immediate action to explore the potential legal options available to you. Through the New Jersey civil justice system, you may be able to seek justice, hold the responsible parties accountable for what happened to you, and pursue appropriate compensation for your pain and suffering.  


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