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Criminal justice reform takes a big step In New Jersey

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

At the polls in the most recent election, many Americans voted for various measures that will mean a significant step forward in criminal justice reforms. Many advocates were hoping for voters to approve specific things, such as an easing of some drug laws and a scaling back of police officer authority in several places. Across the board, criminal justice advocates were pleased with the response of voters and what they were able to accomplish.

Many believe that the criminal justice system systematically and unfairly penalizes certain people in certain demographics. It is possible that the poor, minorities, immigrants and other individuals could face a disadvantage in the system when facing even minor criminal charges. Some of these reforms could make things more fair and equal for these specific demographics, something that has been the goal of advocates in New Jersey and across the country.

New reforms

You may be interested to learn about the various reform measures voters passed this month. Some of the achievements across the country for criminal justice reform advocates and supporters include the following:

  • In another state, Proposition 17 allows approximately 50,000 inmates the opportunity to vote after meeting certain requirements of their sentences.
  • A few other states voted to decriminalize marijuana, which could reduce strain on jails and keep people out of prison who are minor offenders.
  • Other states voted to remove racist language from their state constitutions as a response to the police brutality protests across the country.
  • Certain cities in the United States voted for measures that could reduce the likelihood of police brutality and increase accountability for law enforcement.

These are examples of the many victories obtained at the polls earlier this month. While there are certainly things to celebrate, there is still a long way to go in certain areas.

Defense help still important

Regardless of what happened at the polls, New Jersey defendants will find it beneficial to work with an experienced legal ally when facing criminal charges. Whether facing allegations of a minor violation of a city ordinance or a serious felony offense, each defendant has rights worth protecting and a future worth defending. After an arrest, or as soon as one learns of a criminal investigation, it is beneficial to seek legal guidance and an assessment of the defense options available according to the details of the individual situation.


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