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One killed in fiery two-car crash in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A difficult reality to face is that a person’s life could suddenly be taken away from them. Young or old, a tragic accident could bring one’s life to a shocking halt. The world is filled with many risks and dangers, one of them being motor vehicles. Despite many efforts to ensure motorists in New Jersey and elsewhere travel safely, avoiding distractions and intoxication, negligent drivers still cause serious and fatal collisions every single day.

Recently, a fatal two-vehicle crash took place in Franklin Township. Based on reports, the crash occurred around 6:40p.m. at the intersection of Easton Avenue and Girard Avenue when a 76-year-old woman was attempting to make a left turn onto Girard Avenue. During this maneuver, the woman collided with another vehicle driven by a 23-year-old male traveling south of Easton Avenue. The impact of the crash caused his vehicle to travel off of the road and trap in inside of the vehicle.

The female motorist was able to get out of her vehicle before the engine compartment of her vehicle caught fire. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and extricate the male driver from his vehicle. He was then transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after. The female motorist was also transported to the hospital for treatment of her non-life threatening injuries.

Investigation of the crash is still ongoing and the surviving motorist is not facing any charges at this time. Authorities are working on accident reconstruction and seeking out witnesses of the crash to better establish cause and liability.

The loss of a loved one in a fatal crash is a devastating event to cope with. While nothing can be done to bring back a lost loved one, a civil action could help address the added harms caused by the incident. A wrongful death action could assist with the recovery of medical bills, loss of companionship, lost wages and other related damages.


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