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What effects does alcohol have on the body of a driver?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Throughout the nation drivers are educated on the dangers of drinking before they get behind the wheels of their cars. In New Jersey and jurisdictions throughout the nation, drivers can be arrested if they are found to have alcohol in their systems while operating motor vehicles. Drinking and driving is a common cause of vehicle accidents and annually many Americans lose their lives in crashes with drunk drivers.

When a person drinks alcohol, practically every system of their body is affected. Their body temperature may rise and they may experience a more relaxed mood. They may begin to experience changes in how the perceive and judge their surroundings, and they may begin to exaggerate their movement or lose control of how they move their bodies.

Alcohol can cause a person to be less alert and less likely to self-regulate their actions. It may cause them to lose coordination, slur their words and to also experience visual disturbances. Alcohol may prevent a driver from regulating their speed, staying in their lane, stopping when obstructions and lights indicate and avoiding other cars that may be on the road with them.

A driver who is affected by alcohol may not be able to prevent a collision with their victim and that victim may be left with serious and life-altering injuries. As the holidays approach, individuals should be aware that more drunk drivers may be out on the roads as they leave holiday parties and celebrations. Anyone who is harmed in an accident with a drunk driver should remember that they may have rights to seek compensation for their losses and the recovery of their damages.


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