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Protecting individuals’ rights in the criminal justice system

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

New Jersey residents may end up in court for a variety of reasons. If they are sued for causing an injury to another person or choose to sue someone for a breached contract, their legal dispute will be heard in a civil court. If, however, they are alleged to have broken a criminal law, their matter will be handled by a prosecutor in the criminal justice system.

The criminal justice system can be a scary and confusing place. If a person ignores their charges, they may not have an opportunity to provide a defense to clear their name. If they do not offer explanations or defenses to the actions they are alleged to have taken, they may be heavily sanctioned with fines, the loss of rights, or even incarceration.

Not all defenses are appropriate in all criminal cases, and, for that reason, it takes planning to prepare a defense that adequately addresses the elements of a claim. A drunk driving charge cannot be defended in the same manner as an assault charge and knowing how to use the facts of a case can make the difference between securing an acquittal and experiencing a conviction.

The attorneys and staff of Lanza & Lanza zealously advocate for the rights and protection of their criminal defense clients. They work with men and women who are unsure of how their futures will be impacted by their criminal charges and who want to take proactive steps to ensure they have maximized their chances of protecting their rights. The firm’s criminal defense website is a good place for readers to start to better understand the important services that Lanza & Lanza offers.


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