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Take control of wealth and assets with an estate plan

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Advances in the medical field have allowed men and women throughout the country to live longer and healthier than ever before. Conditions that once imposed death sentences on individuals can now be treated in noninvasive ways and with excellent long-term results. As such, New Jersey residents are enjoying the people and activities that they love longer into their lives and with more vigor as they advance in age.

This trend of living longer has caused some to put off taking care of important end of life planning, such as creating their estate plans. An estate plan is a set of testamentary documents that provides instructions and authority on how a person wants their assets, wealth and other important responsibilities managed when they are no longer alive. An estate plan can help a person save money and save their loved ones the stress of not knowing how to dispose of the decedent’s possessions and wealth.

Estate planning documents are legal documents, and as such it is important that they conform to the laws and rules of New Jersey. An improperly executed estate planning document, such as a will, may not be accepted as the word of the decedent and therefore their intentions for the disposition of their estate may not be honored.

Lanza & Lanza, a Flemington-based law firm, helps clients create effective and properly executed estate planning documents. The attorneys of the firm work with men and women who wish to take control of their end of life estates and who want their intentions to be known to those who will survive them to facilitate the transfer of their wealth and assets.


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