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Recognizing liability for slip and fall accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Slip and fall accidents are very common and sometimes, caused by the fault of the victims. For example, if a New Jersey resident accidently trips off of a sidewalk because they are engrossed in an article on their cellphone, it may be their fault that they are injured from their fall. However, slip and fall accidents also happen when property owners fail to provide others with safe and secure places to live, work and shop.

It is important that victims of slip and fall accidents recognize when others may be liable for their accidents and injuries. When a party fails to meet their duty of care to others and fails to maintain the safety of their property, they may be liable for the harm others suffer. This post will briefly discuss liability in the context of slip and fall accidents but as with all articles offered through this blog it provides no legal advice.

It is generally required that a property owner know about a dangerous feature on their land before they can be liable for any injuries that result from it. If a victim can show that a property owner knew about a hazard but did nothing about it, they may be able to support a claim for damages based on their slip and fall injury. Additionally, a victim may be able to pursue their losses if they can show that a property owner created a hazard on their property or that because of how long the hazard existed the property owner should have known about its existence.

Getting legal help after a slip and fall accident can be a good first step for a person who is unsure of what they may be able to do to secure compensation for their losses. Statutes of limitation apply in personal injury cases and victims are encouraged to learn more about their possible claims in a timely manner.


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