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The importance of a funeral planning declaration

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2017 | Estate Planning |

When New Jersey residents are making their estate plans, they may not include what they want their final arrangements to be. Traditionally, the final arrangements were included in a person’s will. However, those who have specific desires should prepare a funeral planning declaration.

This document is somewhat similar to a power of attorney that grants a trusted love one the power to organize and carry out the person’s final wishes. For example, if the person wants to be buried or cremated, the declaration ensures that those wishes will be carried out. If the person does not have any particular wishes when it comes to his or her final arrangements, the document grants a trusted loved one the authority to lay the person to rest as he or she sees fit.

In the event a person has an unusual request when it comes to his or her final arrangements, a funeral planning declaration can be an extremely important tool. The declaration indicates that the unusual request is what the person desires.

Planning future funeral arrangements can be a touchy subject. However, putting a person’s wishes down in writing can ensure that the person gets what he or she wants and removes pressure from the family members. Estate planning lawyers could assist with drawing up a document that incorporates the person’s wishes and desires when it comes to his or her final arrangements. A lawyer could also help construct an estate plan that protects the person’s loved ones from any major tax liability or family disputes that may occur when dealing with the assets.


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