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Estate planning mistakes could negatively affect your future

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Estate Planning |

Planning for the future can be a complex and emotional process. After all, it’s not easy to consider what will happen to your property after you pass away. While this is an important aspect of estate planning, there is much more you can accomplish with certain documents. You have the right to have a say over what happens to your assets, your health care and more.

Mistakes in your estate plan may not be immediately evident, but they can lead to major legal and financial complications down the road. If you have a plan already or you need to start the planning process, you would be wise to work with a legal professional at every step. This can ensure you don’t make errors that can prove costly for you and your loved ones down the road.

You need to understand it

It’s essential that you understand your own estate plan. You need to know the implications of the decisions you are making and what they could mean in the future. Walk through the planning process with your attorney, asking questions and making sure you know what you’re signing. This will allow you to better explain your plan to your loved ones, something that may help prevent disputes between heirs and beneficiaries.

Updating ownership designations

Life is unpredictable, and things may change from the time you craft your estate plan. It’s critical to update ownership of certain assets over time. Beneficiary designations and asset ownership may be parts of your estate plan that should change after major life events, such as a death, divorce or remarriage.

Review powers of attorney

Like other parts of your plan, you may need to update your powers of attorney after a major change in your life. The designations you made when you created your plan may not be appropriate for your current life situation. These individuals may have to make important decisions on your behalf, and you need to make sure the right people are holding that responsibility.

Don’t do it alone

You don’t have to navigate the complications of estate planning alone. When you work with an experienced New Jersey attorney, you will be less likely to make a mistake that could undermine your estate planning efforts. An assessment of your estate, finances and other factors will help you understand what your plan should look like or what updates are necessary.


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