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Are you presenting signs of a drug addiction?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

You may feel like your life has started spiraling out of control, and you do not know where to turn for help. What started out as using opioids as a pain reliever or simply trying a substance “just once” has taken over your life. You may not even fully recognize how serious your problem is.

Unfortunately, you may have become addicted to an illegal substance, and now you face a number of issues that could greatly impact your life. From trying to find your next fix to damaging relationships to facing legal issues, your life may be heading down a difficult road, and you may not know how to turn back.

Signs of addiction

Commonly, individuals with addiction issues are in a state of denial. They believe that they can kick the habit whenever they like, or they think the harm they cause is not as bad as others seem to think. If you have a substance addiction or abuse problem, you may experience the following signs:

  • Physical signs may include insomnia, sudden changes in weight, slurred speech, hindered coordination, bloodshot eyes, unusual pupil sizes and others.
  • Behavioral signs of addiction may present themselves as an inability to stop drug use despite desire to quit, continuing to use the substance though it causes harm to yourself or others, prioritizing getting your next fix over other important life aspects, and hiding your drug use or denying that you use.
  • Psychological signs could come about as paranoia, anxiety, emotional withdrawal, irritability, mood swings, personality changes and others.

The addiction to certain drugs may also present telling signs. For instance, needles, rubber bands, burned tin foil, burned spoons and other paraphernalia could point to the use of heroin. An addict may also have track marks on various body parts, seem disoriented, have constricted pupils, exhibit weight loss and other signs if using this drug.

Legal issues

Unfortunately, individuals with addiction problems — even those wanting to stop using — can face a number of problems. In particular, you may take drastic measure to obtain more of the substance or authorities may find you in possession. If so, you could face serious criminal charges, and your life may take even more turns.

Fortunately, even with a substance abuse problem, you still have the right to an attorney. Speaking with a legal professional may allow you to understand your criminal defense options and possible avenues for seeking the help you need to recover.


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