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The implications of anger

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

It can all happen in what seems a few seconds. A disagreement turns into an altercation, and you strike someone. Or, you didn’t plan on yelling at the other person, but the situation escalated out of control.

If you feel that managing your anger is a challenge for you, here are some tips to calm down and take on a healthier perspective.

Take A Time Out

Take a few moments to take some deep breaths and realize that if you lose your cool, you could lose out. People that retreat out of your life due to anger will take their relationships, business connections and family with them. While you are breathing deeply, think of ways to deal with the situation at hand other than blowing up and causing a scene.

Go for a Walk

Part of what makes exercise part of a healthy lifestyle is its ability to mitigate stress. Mayo Clinic recognizes the ability of exercise to short-circuit angry impulses. Keeping to a regular exercise schedule can reduce feelings of unresolved anger.

Broaden Your Viewpoint

Stop to evaluate if your anger is worth it. More often than not, the situation is not worth the amount of time and energy you’re spending. Add to that the chance of becoming encompassed in a situation that may damage your reputation and relationships, and you have the motivation to move on calmly.

Think of a Solution

Rather than fixating on the infuriating behavior of a co-worker or a misbehaving child, start to think of a solution to your dilemma. That way your mind turns away from stuck conflict and moves to a more positively-oriented framework.

The consequences of unrestrained anger are too great to ignore. If you’ve tried to cope with your feelings and you still can’t control your anger, it’s a good idea to seek professional counseling to help you find a solution.


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