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New Jersey estate planning: What about an ethical will?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Wills |

There is frequent mention made as people age to consider what happens after they die. Estate planning can be an important consideration especially if there are assets that will need to be dispersed or cared for after one has passed on. One writer, however, has recently commented on another type of will. This type of document, called an ethical will, may appeal to some New Jersey residents when they are drawing up other wills or trusts.

This will is proposed as a way to be able to reach out and talk to those left behind. While wills and trusts are vitally important, they deal with tangible assets of one kind or another. An ethical will is used by those who have a part of themselves they wish to share with loved ones. It is an instrument that can recall life lessons and experiences that were important to the loved one who is no longer alive.

This type of last testament is apparently popular among people who may have kept a journal in their lifetime. This is one way that they may be able to continue to have a lasting impact on the lives of those they cared for while still living. By sharing pieces of themselves with their writing, it may enable family and friends to have a deeper understanding of their loved one.

The writer has described this type of document as being able to have one last conversation with family. It is an interesting idea that may appeal to some families. However, New Jersey residents who may be trying to determine what type of conventional estate planning tools to use, there is help available. There are many resources that can offer information that could aid families in finding the best fit for their particular planning needs.

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