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Who should have an estate plan?

Virtually everyone in Flemington has an estate. It’s the collection of things that a person owns, including a house, car, stocks, cash, checking and savings accounts, furniture, life insurance, clothing – everything. For some, estates are vast and valuable. For others, estates are more modest.

Estate planning: the realization of personal, important decisions

Among the most personal and important decisions a person can make in life is how they want to raise their children. An infinite variety of good parenting techniques, styles and philosophies exist. They are all linked by a parent’s undying love for their kids, however.

Leaving inheritors with headaches and bills

Ancient Egyptians used to bury a dead pharaoh with mounds of gold and jewels for the afterlife. Centuries later, the treasures were still sitting there unused. A few things have changed since then, but we still can’t take our wealth with us. Nor can we pack up our liabilities and tote them along.

Changing dynamics in estate planning could affect family

Just a generation ago, families looked quite a bit different than they do today. The shift in family structures can have a strong impact on how people view their relationships and what goals they may have for financial planning. This can be seen in how estate planning is done these days.

Think you don't need an estate plan? You may want to think again

One of the most common misconceptions that people have regarding estate planning is that they do not have any assets that will need to be distributed or settled when they pass away. They may think that because they do not have robust investments, property ownership or children that the system will simply handle the money, debt or assets that a person does have appropriately. 

New Jersey residents: Consider state and federal estate taxes

There is a popular saying that "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." There have been many variations of this quote, one of which is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but the phrase has been used for centuries and still seems relevant today; especially when discussing estate taxes.

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