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New Jersey probate: Spouses don't always get everything

When it comes to the distribution of assets after a spouse's death, things can get complicated. The surviving spouse doesn't always get everything in a probate. Who gets what in a probate depends on several things, the least of which is whether or not the deceased spouse has a will.

New Jersey probate not as dreadful as it is made out to be

Having an estate plan is absolutely essential for anyone in New Jersey that wants to make sure that his or her assets are distributed to the people and in the manner that he or she wants. One of the selling points for estate planning is the goal of keeping a family from having to go through probate in order to inherit those assets. However, in many cases, probate is not the dreadful experience that it is made out to be.

Distribution of assets can go awry even with a New Jersey will

Many people in New Jersey are under the impression that when they change their will, their assets will go to whoever is designated in the will. However, there are many assets that aren't governed by the will. If the beneficiaries of those assets aren't changed as well, the distribution of assets upon death will not be governed by the will, but by the beneficiary designation.

Did woman forge a will to sway distribution of assets to her?

While many people may find the idea of planning for their untimely demise off putting, pre-planning can be very beneficial. Creating wills can better ensure that a person's wishes are carried out after their death, especially when it comes to the distribution of assets. When a will is not made, there can be much disagreement about who is entitled to what. It is also important to determine the authenticity of a will as there have been cases of wills that were forged in order for certain people to obtain certain property.

New Jersey residents should try an estate planning checklist

Estate planning can help avoid future mishaps down the road just in case an uncertainty arises. Even though estate planning is essential, many New Jersey residents are hesitant about starting the process because they believe it's just for the wealthy. An estate planning checklist can offer an even more peace of mind.

New Jersey estate planning should account for online transactions

When it comes to estate planning, it may be easy for many to overlook the increasing number of transactions that are done online, financial or otherwise. Once someone is deceased, his or her online accounts live on, whether they are for automatic bill payment, digital photo storage or social media. Any New Jersey resident with online accounts may obtain some peace of mind by including provisions for these accounts in his or her estate planning.

New Jersey readers could learn Gandolfini estate planning lesson

When it comes to planning for the future, estate planning is one of the most important areas for New Jersey residents to consider. Ensuring that property, assets, valuables and other important items are secured for the future can help individuals be sure that their family will not be left under financial strain and complications. Recently, the death of famed actor James Gandolfini has raised awareness of the importance of estate planning and updating, and having a solid outline established.

What to consider when leaving inheritance to your kids

Many parents want to leave an inheritance to their loved ones after they pass away but many couples struggle with determining how much to leave to their loved ones and how much to communicate with their family before they will receive their inheritance.

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