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Estate Administration Archives

Dealing with social media accounts after someone has died

Many individuals living in New Jersey and all over the world have social media accounts. People of all ages use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with friends and loved ones and as a source of news. However, once someone passes away, his or her accounts still remain active, which can result in people being given painful reminders of another person's passing in their timeline or friend recommendations.

The duties of an executor can be difficult and thankless

New Jersey residents are often honored when they are asked by a close friend or relative to act as the executor of their wills after they pass away. The duties of an executor are important, but they can also be difficult and thankless for the unprepared. The executor is tasked with ensuring that the wishes of a testator are carried out while abiding by the strict rules laid down by applicable law, and understanding the major challenges involved can make this process far less onerous.

Executors and their roles

Most New Jersey residents who are contemplating the preparation of their wills know that one of the important tasks is the appointment of an executor. This person is entrusted with a wide variety of responsibilities, one of the most important of which is ensuring that the provisions of the will dealing with the distribution of the testator's property to the designated beneficiaries are followed in a timely and complete manner.

Digital assets, access should be considered in estate planning

After someone passes away, an estate administrator will generally need to take care of settling a person's estate. This can be a very difficult and complex process, especially if the deceased has not left an estate plan with instructions on what he or she wants. Whether there is an estate plan in place or not, it can be very complicated to sort out who needs to be notified, which assets must be collected and distributed, which debts need to be paid and what forms must be filed.

How to avoid disputes over heirlooms in an estate plan

When people are developing an estate plan in New Jersey, they typically put a lot of focus on how their money, properties and other significant assets are distributed. Because of their financial value, many people assume that these are the things that loved ones will find the most important. However, the truth is that an effective estate plan may want to address something that people find even more valuable than money.

New Jersey probate: Spouses don't always get everything

When it comes to the distribution of assets after a spouse's death, things can get complicated. The surviving spouse doesn't always get everything in a probate. Who gets what in a probate depends on several things, the least of which is whether or not the deceased spouse has a will.

New Jersey probate not as dreadful as it is made out to be

Having an estate plan is absolutely essential for anyone in New Jersey that wants to make sure that his or her assets are distributed to the people and in the manner that he or she wants. One of the selling points for estate planning is the goal of keeping a family from having to go through probate in order to inherit those assets. However, in many cases, probate is not the dreadful experience that it is made out to be.

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