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Don't leave your estate plan at just a will

Though having a will can act as the cornerstone of any estate plan, it is important that you remember that numerous other planning tools could help you create a comprehensive plan. Your end-of-life wishes do not have to only revolve around how your assets are distributed because your plan can address many other aspects of your life.

Bicycle safety is important from top to bottom

New Jersey residents of all ages love getting out on their bicycles. Children may squeal as they zip past their parents in a residential area, and older people may enjoy a sensible bike ride for exercise or when trying to reach a nearby destination. Whatever enjoyment you get from cycling, it is important that safety remains your top priority.

What is a wrongful death?

The death of a loved one is always a difficult event for their surviving relatives. When old age claims a beloved leader in a family, their descendants may mourn them but remember the full life they lived. When a young person passes away from an illness, their loved ones may struggle to understand why their life was cut so short.

Protecting individuals' rights in the criminal justice system

New Jersey residents may end up in court for a variety of reasons. If they are sued for causing an injury to another person or choose to sue someone for a breached contract, their legal dispute will be heard in a civil court. If, however, they are alleged to have broken a criminal law, their matter will be handled by a prosecutor in the criminal justice system.

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